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Police Boxes

The real McCoy

The information available to the right all originally cames from the now defunct "POLICE BOX SITE" which was researched, written and run by Pete Darrington. That site was now shut down some time ago but when I first hit the web it was the only source of good information and I valued it immensely.

Pete has very kindly allowed me to replicate much of his site in these pages and that valuable research has not been lost. Our thanks to Pete and all of those who helped him create this body of knowledge.

I have also had a number of people contact me with pictures of their boxes, adding the section on Police Posts and keeping me up to date with the life of today's remaining Police Boxes. Thank you to everyone who take an interest in these wonderful pieces of history and you have anything to add please email me.

For a generic collection of Photos, check our Gallery section, otherwise choose below for the definitive histories of boxes in your area.
















For more information on the 'real' Police Boxes, I recommend:

The Police Signal Box: A 100 Year History
by Robert W Stewart  (PDF document)

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