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Researched by Anthony Sibley

Exclusive to the TARDIS Library

Over the years there appeared a number of variations on the Police Box theme, each with it's own quirks, fans, features, detractors and emulators. Our resident production expert Anthony has painstakingly researched each of the TARDIS props used in BBC's Doctor Who over the last 40 plus years using visual, physical and personal references from behind the scenes of the show itself. Here, only on this site, is his history of those props. The Police Box (or Boxes) used in the two AARU movies and other Dr Who related productions are not included in this section though we do have a small area for them in our Galleries

Anthony Sibley would like to thank and acknowledge the following people who, over the years, have kindly taken the time to listen to (and answer) many of his questions regarding the various TARDIS props as used by the BBC. 

Without these people's help, much of background and behind the scenes information would have been missed.

Tony Harding
Ian Scoones
Mat Irvine
Mike Tucker
Edward Thomas
Verity Lambert
John Nathan Turner
Colin Baker
and Purple Blancmange

Researched by Anthony Sibley

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