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Photo Gallery - TV Prop 1

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"The Brackacki Box"

Pictures of the TARDIS from the pilot episode, as you can
see, it is unweathered and incomplete - this also proves that there was no
"Pilot Box" that was replaced with a better version - they are one and the
    The Three Doctors  
The Evil of the Daleks
Spearhead fom Space
The Abominable Snowman
"Claws of Axos"
Note the signage and fake Ankh lock above the door handle
Escape from 100,000 BC
Carnival of Monsters
Carnival of Monsters
Carnival of Monsters
Escape from 100,000 BC
An Unearthly Child - now dirtied down for the 2nd recording of the pilot
The Crusades

Abominable Snowmen

note: this image is reversed - the sign panel was hung on the wrong door during this time!

The Daleks
The War Machines - studio work with the old version of the box
Seeds of Doom
Evil of the Daleks
Evil of the Daleks
The Gunfighters
100,000 BC
The Sensorites
The Highlanders
The Krotons
Publicity shoot for Lane - note the apparently normal front of the box with the complete bodge of a left-hand wall.
Marco Polo
The Underwater Menace
The Mind Robber
The Meddling Monk
The Meddling Monk
The Moonbase
The War Machines - refitted box - note the blue windows
The War Machines - note the original white windows
The Claws of Axos
"Auton Invasion"
Death to the Daleks
1st Pilot Episode - note the clean exterior
1st Pilot Episode - note the clean exterior and unfinished sign boxes
1st Pilot Episode - note the clean exterior
The Space Pirates
Power of the Daleks
1st Pilot Episode - note the clean exterior
Pyramids - note the reinfoced step across the bottom of the wall and the square base
The Giant Robot
"Seeds of Death". (Don't you feel sorry for it?)
Seeds of Doom
The Smugglers
The Abominable Snowmen
The Abominable Snowmen
Spearhead from Space
100,000 BC
The Dalek Invasion of Earth - in the 3rd picture the box is bearing a few scars from the falling lumber which actually struck it and split the front sign box
The Chase
Artistic enhancement by a fan. A colourisation from a photo on the set of "Marco Polo"
1st Studio Pilot
Revenge of the Cybermen
The Time Warrior
The Time Warrior
An Unearthly Child (reprinted in DWM?)
Colourisation by a fan of a publicity still from the 1st Pilot Episode
Unit pull the TARDIS from a ditch - "The Time Monster"
The War Machines
The War Machines, on location briefly
The Web Planet - back doors - note the castors visible and the power cord running up the post to the lamp!
On set with a Zarbi
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