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"The Motley Crew"

This box was owned by Treeroot (Tom Baker's production company) and is believed to have been used in "More than 30 years in the TARDIS." It passed through severla hands and was used in some advertising before finally being restored to Tom Baker-era livery and being moved to a museum.
(Above and below) Tom Baker appears in an advertisment for New Zealand Insurance - a TARDIS shell and console room were constructed for the campaign.
This box was offered on Ebay in 2005 - it had previously been built for and used at the Longleat Doctor Who exhibition.
A model box constructed for the 1996 movie with Paul McGann - used for computer cotrolle motion in the title sequence.
A model featured on Martin Bower's Modelling webiste. He wites that he was commisioned to build the model in the late 80's for the title sequence though it was apparently never used..
"This Planet Earth" movied into producing boxes based upon the 19060's AARU movies after they had completed theri run of television TARDIS-style boxes.
A DVD/Video cabinet which is being produced for sale in 2006, based upon the Season 18 TARDIS Prop A fibreglass Police Box replica produced (apparently without licence) by company "Once upon a Way" . Oftne mistaken for a genuine box, this replica is based at the Wetherby Police station. A model used by the BBC during location filming for "Fury from the deep"
A lightweight replica is rigged on strings to disaasemble ofr "The Mind Robber"
The BBC's model TARDIS at rest in "The Romans"
Model in action during "The Moonbase"
1/3 Model made for Logopolis - apparently this stayed in BBX stores for some years.
Web in space, model shot.
"The web planet" - the model box is moved about the set.

























































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