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Police Boxes

Police Posts / Misc

Police Boxes and posts are known to have been produced in several countries outside of the UK, including Japan and America. There were of various differing styles but like the British models they have largely disappeared. There have been some resurgence in Police Boxes in the last decade - several new and recreated models have been trialled in cities in Britain and Japan but apart from the name and with the exception of the well known Earls Court box, they have very little relationship with their earlier cousins.

Police Posts replicate the most simplistic functions of the larger Police Box. They had a publicly available telephone in a cubby and a flashing navigation beacon at the top which would alert officers to a call - just like the larger device. The post was purely for communications and lacked the creature comforts of the fully featured Police Box but equally was significantly cheaper, could be manufactured in iron and installed more easily.

Police Posts are also an object of interest for many people and several of these can still be viewed in-situ and at heritage sites in the UK, like Avoncroft which is known to have 2 police posts of different styles and at the Crich Tramway Village which retains one. There is also reported to be a (non-functioning) Police Post in Whitechapel along the "Jack the Ripper" tour pathway. More interestingly, I was sent this photo of a Police Post by Cat Sullivan which was snapped while visiting Trinidad and Tobago! Cat writes -

"were you aware that the Police Posts were also exported and used in Trinidad and Tobago, as I discovered on a trip several years ago. I have a photo of a post on a street corner in Port-of-Spain which, aside from a slightly lighter shade of blue paint, is identical to the one in Piccadilly Circus. I've no idea if any boxes made it there as well..."





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