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Copyright Statement

All images, information, design and research should be considered as copyright to this website, unless otherwise indicated either explicitly or by clear logic. Clearly this is not an officially endorsed website, but intellectual property law in most countries would support copyright on it's original content and research.

We recognise that BBC, BBC Worldwide and affiliated agencies own copyright on Doctor Who, it's name, logos, the TARDIS, the Police Box as a trademark, and a variety of associated Dr Who images. All images here were gained via publicly accessible sites on the Internet and every attempt has been made to credit the source, if your picture is here and you wish it to be either better credited or removed please email

This website is not for commercial gain, does not profit in any way from any user activities and we attempt to reinforce the the legal license for producing Replica Police Boxes is currently held by This Planet Earth and represent that no persons should attempt to build and sell replica Police Boxes for a profit.


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