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Welcome to the Library

Thanks for stopping by. The TARDIS Library is here to give you the facts on 2 things - Police Boxes of the 20th Century and TARDISes (of all ages...)

Using the navigation links which feature on all pages of the site you should be able to find all sorts of treasures, including juicy insider's info on TARDISes from Anthony Sibley and a full history of the real-life Police Box as researched, written and preserved for many years by Pete Darrington.

What Is A Police Box?

Pete ran the most authoritative of Police Box websites for many years before winding them up, but he did allow me to recreate much of his original material on this site. Surprisingly little is officially recorded of Police Box design and history - they began early in the 20th Century and were almost extinct by the end of the 1960's. What's left, where are they, and how come they would have been forgotten but for a quirky British TV Show? Find out on this site!

What About TARDISes?

Once you've delved through history, you might like to walk through decades of designing the future. Media guru and prop expert Anthony Sibley has tirelessly stitched together the behind-the-scenes life of Doctor Who's most important prop - the TARDIS Police Box. There were many versions of this iconic box over the years, each with it's own fans and detractors, but never before has their story been told.

Build Your Own

For my part, (other than being your host today) I am a great fan of people who have built their own replica TARDISes, so not only will you be able to see Boxes from all around the world, but you can watch the construction of my own Police Box and if you look hard enough you will even find my own TARDIS Builder's Workshop Manual which contains every thing you need to learn how to build your own box.

If you like the site, have something to say or want to add or amend some data, please contact me - I do find it awfully boring updating a site if I don't think anyone is enjoying it, so the more I hear, the more I update!

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