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Photo Galleries

So what's the difference?

The intention of these galleries is not to be an exhaustive database of every photo ever taken (you've got just a good a shot at putting a collectin like that together as I have) but to illustrate key points of each box, to help identify building techniques, and, well, some just look good - you've got to love those classic black and white shots of real boxes..

If I have accidentally put up any pictures here which belong directly to you or to which you think I should append a credit please contact me; my collection of images comes from various trawls through the 'net and I have often been too lazy to note the source since I never intended to put up a site at the time - there is no harm intended and copyright over these images belongs with their original sources whatever they may be. For the purpose of stopping illicit hotlinking to these images I have placed a watermark over many of thee pictures which I don't otherwise have a direct credit for. I do not imply copyright or ownership over any of these images unless explicitly stated.

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