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Trade List

The below are the New Zealand fire patches that I have for trade.  At the bottom of the page are the spares from other countries.  Please take a look.

If you are interested in any of the patches below, please drop me an email at simonq@paradise.net.nz .

Fire Service Patches

New Zealand Fire Service

Provider of fire protection within all of New Zealand's urban boundaries.  For more information see www.fire.org.nz .  


NZ Fire Service Patch

National Rural Fire Authority

Provider of fire protection outside the urban boundaries, mostly dealing with vegetation fires but also protecting residents of rural areas with support from the NZ Fire Service.  For more information see nrfa.fire.org.nz .

Please note - I am temporarily out of these patches, but I am working on getting more.


Miscellaneous Spares (as at April 2004)



New Zealand

Order of St John Ambulance
Primary Care Officer



NSW Police

Qld Ambulance

SA Ambulance

SA St John
Vic Ambulance
Vic Ambulance
(Light Blue)
Vic Ambulance
Vic Ambulance



Rotes Kreuz
(Red Cross)



City of Lethbridge

Quebec EMT

St John's



United States


Cardiac Technician, GA

Dougherty County EMS, GA

Oak Lawn FD, IL


Bowling Green Medical Center

Cardiac Technician, MD

Paramedic, NC

Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga, TN

Garland FD, TX