??? The Creation.
??? The Elder Races are created by their gods.
??? The Elder races begin their warring.
??? Anahr comes upon primal Man.
??? Anahr creates Mankind and is cast out.
~10,000 BD Anahr is killed, and his hosts destroyed. Time begins.
~2,500 BD Man creates an empire for himself.
~2,300 BD Anahr comes to mankind, and poisons his mind against the Elder races.
~2,200 BD Man begins warring against all of the Elder races.
The Gods turn themselves from the Elder races for they brought it upon themselves.
~2,000 BD Man's war becomes genocide. The Gods intervene. Nothing is left of Man's empire. No trace of Anahr is found.
1,500 BD - 500 BD The Gods recognise the surviving men's right to worship them. A sort of peace between Man, Elf and Dwarf is reached. The Dark Races numbers are kept in check by co-operation between Man, Dwarf and Elf.
500 BD - 1 BD Co-operation between Man, Dwarf and Elf grows thin as each turns toward their own interests. The Dark Races begin to grow in number and power.
~450 BD Anahr appears to a few Men and offers great rewards to those who enter his service.
450 BD - 300 BD There is an up-rise in unprovoked Dragon attacks by adult and older Drakes (this was caused by Anahr's theft of their hordes to fund his "projects"). Many legends of Dragons and their slayers date from this period.
300 BD - 100 BD There is a slow and unnoticed (by Men, Elfs and Dwarfs) conversion of Dark Races to Anahrism, especially Goblins.
21 BD Strange perversions of Giants, Goblins and other Dark Races start popping up. These are dismissed as superstition by Human nobles, Elfs and cultured Dwarfs until a band of Dwarfs drag the body of a very large Trolls out of the depths of their clans tunnels. The body was like that of none seen before, covered with metallic scales like those of a Dragon.
20 BD The Darkness Wars begin with the near destruction of Tours by a plague of Wyverns (a type of Drake never seen before) and Droch (a humanoid race created for war).

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