I have a hierarchy of elfs, based on how far they are from the "archaic elf" from Before Time. The order goes something like this (using D&D names where applicable):

Primal Elf
Primal Elf [After Time Began]
    |                                       |
Grey Elf                                    |
    |    ["The Diminishment"]               |
    |______________                         |
    |         _____|_____                   |
    |        |           |                  |
High Elf  Wild Elf   Wood Elf      Modern Primal Child

Primal Elfs were immortal, and had great innate powers. After Time Began the events that started time drained much of their power, but they were still very powerful compared to their modern descendants, and may have still been unaging

Grey Elfs are the direct descendants of the Primal Elfs, live long lives, even for elfs, and are tall - taller than most men. Modern Grey Elfs are those who's parents, by some quirk of fate, avoided the effects of "The Diminishment" (the side effect of a last-ditch piece of magic used to avoid genocide at the hands of a human empire).

The other elfen races are descendants of those who were affected by The Diminishment. Their stats, height, and life spans are the standard ones given in D&D.

The "Modern Primal Child" is just that - the child of a Primal Elf, and therefore theoretically a High Elf, but born more recently - after the Diminishment.

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