This is the current D&D campaign I'm running. It uses D&D v3.5, with a minimum of house rules (though more than I'd like). It is set on the world of Arles just before and (now) during the Darkness Wars, a period of warfare and turmoil.

The area of main concern to the player characters is the kingdom of Tours, which is the homeland of many of the characters and, until recently, a sleepy little backwater. It is now largely in a state of chaos after an army of Droch (Orcs), ogres, and worse invaded. To add to the chaos the leaders of the army were slain just after the overall commander, Lord Fall (also known as The Evenlord) declared himself king. This resulted in the invading army fragmenting into factions, with many of the units simply grabbing control of the countryside around where they found themselves and forming cantonments as they dug in for winter.

The winter is seeing the various factions trying to build a strong enough web of alliances to be able to make a bid for control over the majority of the country. The leading contender is the late king's nephew (now King Jean-Paul II), who was the heir apparent before the invasion. The main reason he is the strongest contender isn't his legitimacy, though this is a great aid in attracting supporters, but his regent, Duke Blois who holds the militarily powerful duchy in the kingdom (it was never attacked in the invasion). Also supporting Jean-Paul is Sir Abelard, the slayer of Lord Fall and a hero of the early war. As a reward he was granted a large portion of the (currently lordless) North-eastern Marches and created Marquis Kreutzer.

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