Their Society, Culture, and Military



Droch were bred of Man and Goblin for war. They are noteworthy for their considerable strength and their limited intellect.

There are actually three types of "Droch": the pure "modern" Droch, which is what most people think of when they refer to Droch; the "archaic" Droch, which is slightly smarter but less heavily muscled than a modern Droch; and the Half-Droch, half modern Droch and half Human, which is similar in characteristics to an archaic Droch, though more human looking. Half-Droch have a tendency towards moodiness and bad tempers, probably due to a conflict between their two basic natures (Human and Droch).

The typical male "modern" Droch is a hulking humanoid about the height of a tall Human male, though Droch often look shorter than they are due to a tendency to hunch. Modern Droch females are significantly shorter than the males, and are usually shorter than the average Human female. Both male and female Droch are much more heavily muscled than all but the most "buff" humans.

Society & Culture

Droch society is dominated by the military, and is controlled by the local military commander in chief and the highest ranking Anahrite priest in the area. In theory the military CO is in command of military matters and policy, while the cleric is in charge of all non-military affairs. In practice things aren't so simple, as the line between military and non-military isn't always clear, let alone agreed on - who should be in charge of negotiations with a hostile country? The situation becomes even more confused when the military commander is a cleric, and is not the highest ranking one in the region.

The role a Droch will have in society is determined at an early age by the Anahrites who oversee the child pens and test all young Droch for their suitability to the various roles that need filling. Droch that have no aptitudes that are needed are consigned to unskilled labour, males in the mines and females on the farms, doing the worst work. Most male Droch end up in the military, and most female Droch go to the factories and farms.

The sexes are heavily segregated, and which Droch get to breed, and with whom is controlled by the Anahrites, and their eugenics specialists (mostly male human wizards and clerics). As the Anahrite church is strongly patriarchal they are more concerned with male lines than female lines, so they usually breed successful males, and those with desirable traits with large groups of females with vaguely similar traits. The exception to this is twinning and male:female ratios - the breeding program encourages high ratios in these by selection of females who produce many twins and many males. Human blood is added by allowing select males to breed with captured human females. This is considered a great reward by most males, which explains the popularity of rape amongst the common soldiers in invading Droch armies - normally a common soldier would have no expectation of ever gaining such a reward. Half-Droch are usually bred back to Droch to fix the human traits in the gene pool, and to ensure that the desirable Droch characteristics don't become too dilute.

Droch culture is often considered an oxymoron, even by Droch themselves, especially males. However female Droch have their legends and creation myths, most of which bear little relation to reality. The lack of much of what other races would consider culture is because of the situation society forces upon Droch, rather than any innate lack in the Droch themselves.


Droch composed the bulk of the invading Army of Darkness (AoD), and surviving Droch groups use the organisational structure as the basis for their current organisations, as it works and they're used to it.

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