Daydream's Window

Pam Jackson crafted exquisite handmade dolls, fairies and treasures from porcelain.
As winner of numerous trophies, blue ribbons and the acclaimed 'Millie" and "Magge" trophies,
Pam's creations are heart-capturing, of the highest quality, and sought after by discerning collectors around the world.

As a perfectionist, Pam completed 100% of the work herself,
spending hours to produce a flawless porcelain finish and painting to rosette-winning standards.

After 23 years of dollmaking, Pamela has decided to retire so there
will be no more new dolls available for purchase

You may care to view the
wonderful knitting patterns

she created over the years.


I also sell to customers
in Australia and New Zealand
through Trademe

Fairies Sewing Patterns
Knitting Patterns
Porcelain Dolls
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