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Finally updated. Well, kinda. I did not and still do not have the time to keep this pinball directory up to date. It has been over a year since I last officially updated this directory, and things have changed so much since then (mainly the closing down of locations and a new game showing up unexpectedly). I have therefore decided to remove all directory entries and replace them with information contained in e-mail's that people have sent to me (my e-mail address is located at bottom of this page). I will also add the odd game I come across also from time to time. This should mean I can keep this relatively up to date for the mean time. One day I will get this directory back up and running properly, but until then this will have to do.

Update: 13 January, 2005
I supplied the following information.

Chicago Bar (Queens Wharf)
Black Rose
The Getaway: High Speed II

Update: 12 January, 2005
Simon Haxton supplied the following information.

Midnight Espresso Bar (178 Cuba Street)

Katipo Cafe (67 Willis Street)
The Machine: Bride of Pinbot

Update: 11 January, 2005
I supplied the following information.

Time Out Xtreme (Manners Street)
Lord Of The Rings
Star Wars Episode One (Pinball 2000 Machine)
Soth Park

Update: October 22, 2004
''Theodor P.'' supplied the following information.

Timezone Manners Mall
Elvis - Brand new Stern

Update: October 20, 2004
''Theodor P.'' supplied the following information.

Lower Hutt in Top 10 Hutt Park Games area
Fish Tales - working acceptable

Wainuiomata Palliser Hotel (in the Bar)
NBA Fastbreak

Lollypop Playland (Lower Hutt)

BaseX Basenent
Austin Powers

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