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Bally MPU Parts

We have some Bally MPU Boards for sale, offer an Eprom Service and replacements for ICs.

Bart Baeyens Capcom Page

A personal web site dedicated to all Capcom pinball's ever made.

Customize your Ciqus Voltaire pinball machine with a real backbox bell

Some pinball machines go into production with less features installed than they were designed for. Cirqus Voltaire is one of them, the game was originally designed to have a real metal bell in the backbox, but to cut costs this feature was cancelled and a clear plastic piece was installed instead.


200+ Pinball Manuals and Schematics. 500+ Pinball Manuals and Schematics. 1000+ Video Game Manuals and Schematics.

Digital Pinball Machines by A8 Audio Kft

Digital pinball, virtual pinball manufacturing, supplier. A8 Audio Kft. is the manufacturer of the unique Goal Pinball coin op game which is currently outstanding in the world. This is a multi-function game including virtual pinball, soccer pinball, hockey and other magnificent 3 Dimensions programs in one machine. This coin-operated automat is such a novelty game which has never existed in the Hungarian game manufacturing nor in the international gaming industry so far. Our 10 people strong developer team is the creator of this 42" ( inch) LCD display or plasma display amusement machine which can be played by two people at the same time competing against each other.

Funhouse Ramp Kit Installation

Details on how to install the Funhouse ramp installation kit.

GameArchive: Capcom Pinball

The GameArchive is the official Capcom ROM image archive for all Capcom pinball and some of their novelty games.

GameArchive: Stern Pinball

The GameArchive has an archive of Stern ROM images and other material relating to Stern pinball.

GAMEPLAN Pinball Resource.

Personal web site by Brady Miller dedicated to all Game Plan pinball machines.

Gottlieb Pinball Evolution from 1947 to 1967

Includes Gottlieb "manual ball load" flipper games made from 1947 to 1967.

Gottlieb System 80 CPU Repair

The Alternative to the test EPROM. A very handy thing to have for debugging 6502-based system is a NOP generator. As long as the processor has power and a clock, this should work.

How to add flashers to the pop bumpers to Bally's Creature From The Black Lagoon (CFTBL)

This page is intended to show how you can add flash lamps to the pop bumpers of a Creature From The Black Lagoon by Bally.

Last Action Hero pinball scoop repair

A guide on how to fix the scoop damage on the 1993 Data East game Last Action Hero.

Nuova Bell Games

Italian web page dedicated to Nuova Bell Games pinball games. Note: Italian text only.

PINBALL: Pinball Repair Guides

This site has repair guides on the following:

Repairing EM Flipper Pinball Games
Scope. This document is a repair guide for Electro-Mechanical (EM) pinball games made from 1947 to 1979. No experience in fixing pinballs is assumed. Basic electrical knowledge is helpful, but even that is not necessary. This document should help if you just bought your first (or second, or third) EM pinball "as-is", and brought it home in hopes of fixing it.

Gottlieb Pinball System 80 Fixes
Scope. Includes Gottlieb pinball System 80, 80a, 80b games from Spiderman (1/80) to Bone Busters (8/89). The most popular System 80 games that this information particularly applies to is Black Hole (10/81) and Haunted House (2/82).

Restoring Gottlieb Roto-Target Numbers
Scope. Roto-targets are a spinning target using on Gottlieb pinball machines from the mid-1950's till the mid-1980's. Since the metal pinball hits these targets on the playfield, the ball wears and scratches the painted number on the target. This can make an otherwise nice looking machine look worn and tired. This document will show how to repair this.

Repairing Williams/Bally WPC Pinball Games
Scope. This document is a repair guide for Williams and Bally WPC pinball games made from 1990 (Funhouse) to 1998 (Monster Bash). Little experience in fixing pinballs is assumed. Basic electrical knowledge is helpful, but not necessary. I do assume you can solder and use the basic features of a Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) such as measuring voltage and resistance. This document should help if you just bought your first (or second, or third) Williams WPC pinball "as-is", and brought it home in hopes of fixing it.

Repairing Bally Electronic Pinball Games from 1977 to 1985
Scope. This document is a repair guide for Bally electronic pinball games made from 1977 to 1985. Since Stern electronic pinball games use nearly identical electronics, these games are covered too.

Repairing Williams System 11 Pinball
Scope. This document is a repair guide for Williams System 11 pinball games made from 1986 (High Speed) to 1990 (Dr.Dude). Some Bally games from 1988 to 1990 are also included as Williams bought the Bally pinball name in 1988.

Pinball Machines Repair and Maintenance Books

Maintain, Adjust and Repair Your Own Pinball Machine.

Pinball Troubleshooting & Tips

A collection of troubleshooting tips and techniques to aid in sorting out problems in most brands of pinball games. Board level service is also offered.

Playfield Ball Swirl Removal Guide

The purpose of this document is to help you better understand , prevent, and reduce ball swirl marks.

Playfield Overlay Installation & Clearcoat Guide

Comprehensive guide on overlaying your playfield with a new clearcoat.

A Guide to Reproducing Pinball Playfield Plastics

This article describes a method for reproducing pinball playfield plastics. It is the result of a large amount of trial and error, mistakes and successes. But it is by no means definitive - Playmatic repair guide

All information you find here is scanned from the manuals of pinball games Antar and Big Town. Both are from the late 70ies (1977-78). I decided to OCR them and put them online, as I did not find any other information on the internet about Playmatic (solid state) pinball machines.

Popbumper - Sharing Pinball With the World! is evolving as the years go by. Today, this site is more commonly known for technical articles and reviews for products like Bally / Stern reproduction CPU's, Gottlieb System 1 replacement CPU or all-in-one boards, and more recently (and not yet public) a complete test of Pinball Pro speaker systems. Additionally, is making pinball video. The past has been Pinball Expo documentary work, but more recently with restoration video in Life After Death.

Pinball News - RAISE THE DEAD - Addams Family Playfield Restoration

The Addams Family is generally regarded as a great game and it sells for much higer prices than other games from the same era. The only problem is, that era was thirteen years ago and many Addams games have been working hard all that time and are in a poor condition. So how can they be restored to their former glory? Pinball Heaven's Phil Palmer has recently done just that with the help of Illinois Pinball's new Addams Family playfields and cabinet artwork plus a new ramp from Pinball Inc. In this article he takes us through the process, explains his techniques and describes the problems encountered.

Special When Lit

Special When Lit is a technical section on the Swedish web site 'PINBALLARK' which details how to fix and enhance features on certain games. Getting your powerball shiny white as a new one, how to prevent the slot machine target to bend backwards, build your own "original" IJ backbox jackpot light, and fix your plastics before they break, are some of the items you can read about. The articles are both in Swedish and English!

Action Pinball & Amusement - Star Trek: TNG - Alpha Quadrant Ramp Protection Kit Installation

Details on how to install the Funhouse ramp installation kit on a Star Trek: The Next Generation game.

Pinball Spinners

Download images used on various spinner targets. Instructions also supplied.

TheKorn's Do-It-Yourself Guide to Pinball Speakers

Visit this web site for a guide on replacing the speakers in your pinball machine with something good.

Recel pinball repair and troubleshooting manuals

This page is always under construction.. when I find new information it will be added to this website. Feel free to download the manuals for your own use.

Stern Pinball

The sole remaining pinball manufacturer web site includes information on their latest games, ROM's, technical information, and game distributor details. A big list of pinball related links and many articles about Stern and pinball are also presented on their web site.

Pinball Taito - O legado

A Brazilian Pinball site, dedicated to the following pinball machines manufactured by Taito (Brazil):

        Apache                        Lady Luck
        Cosmic                        Meteor
        Cavaleiro Negro               Oba-Oba
        Drakor                        Rally
        Fire Action                   Space Shuttle
        Fire Action Deluxe            Sure Shot
        Gemini 2000                   Vortex
        Gork                          Zarza
This site includes technical info (manuals, configuration sheets, schematics, matrixes, etc).
Note: Brazilian text only.

TECH: Lamps! Lamps! Lamps!

This is a listing of lamps commonly used in pinball games, along with specifications such as voltage, amperage, MCSD and life expectancy in hours.


Italian web page dedicated to Tecnoplay pinball games. Note: Italian text only.


Spanish pinball web site with extensive technical information on all things pinball. "El Taller Virtual del Pinball" es una web pensada como ayuda al aficionado que tiene sus propios pinballs y quiere repararlos, aunque también puede ser útil para el técnico profesional. Note: Spanish text only.

Twilight Zone Mod Faq

FAQ for Twlight Zone 'Mods'.

Action Pinball & Amusement - Twilight Zone - Trough Proximity Sensor Modifications

We will describe two modifications that you can make to your existing TZ trough proximity sensor unit to make it adjustable, or more sensitive. Either mod should make the unit function better, or function- period. And we will also describe one mod to make help the two PC boards maintain better connections so that intermittent problems don't occur down the road.

Retrofitting a Twilight Zone with the 3rd magnet

Read all about the job, the tech and the results. In Dutch and English text.

We support Bally, Stern, Williams, Data east and there's a lot of free help at our site, as well as test fixtures and diagnostic aids for most pins.

Williams Electronics Inc.

The makers who use to manufacture Williams and Bally pinballs still have an excellent web site. This site features their last releases in great detail and also has technical support including a ROM archive of every Solid State every produce by Williams and Bally. Other information about their pinball games and behind the scenes looks can also be found here.

Bally Xenon Restoration: Step-by-Step

07/1998: A Bally Xenon playfield was restored to almost mint conditions.


Italian web page dedicated to Zaccaria pinball games. Note: Italian text only.

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