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Internet Pinball Database

Looking for information on any game, go here first.

Information for the new pinball owner

This article is for the newbie pinball machine owner. Its purpose is to help you take good care of your new pinball machine.

World Pinball Directory

All the world's major pinball location directories are linked to this site, as well as latest pinball news and pinball links.


HTML version of Frequently Asked Questions list for!

Pinball.Org - The Silverball Source!

Well, it's been a while, but is back! I'm Scott Piehler, and I'll be serving as Web master. I do this in my spare time, so I can use all the help I can get! I'm a writer, not a graphics guy, so any help with design, images, etc, is always welcome. One note-since this site is informational in nature, and since our audience is world-wide, it is my goal to keep this site quick and clean. As it develops, bandwidth-heavy sections will be duly noted.

The Pinball Pasture

The Pasture was one of the first pinball web sites and the original host of the International Pinball Database.

Pinball Abbreviations Database

Use this page to search for pinball abbreviations as used on

Archives for Pinball Manuals

The archives for pinball manuals supplies manuals, adjust- und operating instructions, wiring diagrams, repair manuals and other files around pinball. You will also find game instructions, flyer, screen savers and a forum where you will find help, tips and suggestions around pinball.

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