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Welcome to the Pinball Links web site. Here you will find links to the many web pages and even whole web sites dedicated to pinball.

Pinball Links main feature and focus is on pinball games themselves. However there are also links to many other things related to pinball that can be found on the World Wide Web.

If you are looking for a city pinball directory (location guide), please go to the World Pinball Directory web site. Pinball Links does not include any links for city pinball directories.

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How to Add a Link

If you have a web page (or site) you wish to add to Pinball Links, please send email with all details about the page. If your page is not specifically dedicated to a pinball game, please also include which link section (for example, History) you think it should appear on as well.

The email address is

Linking to Pinball Links

Feel free to link to the Pinball Links web site. I would advise that you only link to, as I may need to change the web site structure in the future.

Pinball Links Creation

The Pinball Links web site was created by Michael Burke (also known as Mikey on the newsgroup) so there was a site dedicated to indexing pinball game web pages.

I would like to thank all of the people who email me links (with extra thanks to Håkan Malmberg and Tillman Strahan for checking links as well) and Lisa Martell for creating some of the icons found on the game pages.

First published April 1998.
This page updated 09 January 2007.

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