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Russ Jensen's Pinball History Page

Russ Jensen is a long time writer of articles on pinball for various magazines. His own web site has many of these articles and are a very good read about the history of pinball.

Pinball and World War 2

Terry Cumming's study of pinball manufacturing around the time of World War 2 makes for fascinating reading.

Gottlieb Pinball Evolution from 1947 to 1967

Includes Gottlieb "manual ball load" flipper games made from 1947 to 1967. Much of this information is based on my experience, and info from other collectors (Richard Lawnhurst). Sales flyers were also used (but sometimes sales flyer info is not accurate). Most pictures taken by Russ Jensen.

PINBALL: Pitch and Bat Baseball, Manikin, Mechanical Animation Coin Operated Games

Scope: This document describes "pitch and bat" games and mechanical animation pinball games made from post-World War 2 to the 1970's. Most pitch and bat games are baseball themed (but there are some other non-baseball theme pitch and bat games too). These games are similar to (and often classified as) pinball games. The difference is a small ball is "pitched" to a single large "bat" (flipper), like a pitcher throws a baseball to a batter. The player(s) control the pitch and the flipper bat. Points are scored for target hits (single, double, triple, homerun). Mechanical animation games also described in this document include horse racing games with mechanical horses that race, and manikin games (where small manikins do some mechanical animation), among others.

Prewar Pinball Yahoo! group (NOTE: email link only)

Prewar Pinball Yahoo! group is a new group dedicated to collecting and restoring pinball games made before 1946, including 'payout' pinball machines, tabletop models, and 'wartime conversions'. Information on both purely mechanical and early electromechanical machines may be found here. This group is designed to store any and all information on these machines, including FAQ's, pictures, archives, classified ads, and restoration tips. Members of this group will also find a message board here so they may share information about these machines. We are actively looking for new members - anyone is welcome to join. There are no membership fees or dues, membership in this group is free.

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