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All pinball games are listed alphabetically and appear on the game page that matches the first character of the game name.

All site links on each game page list those features you will find on the actual site. Please refer to the Site Features Icon Legend that appears at the top of each page for more details.

Game links are updated in the first week of each month, any games and links added are marked with a NEW stamp.


Internet Pinball Database Info
Most games listed will have a link (displayed on the right-hand side as View IPDB Info) to the Internet Pinball Database. This link will display additional information and in some cases images about selected game.

Owners List
If a game has a known Owners List web page, a link to the list web page (displayed on the right-hand side as View Owners List) will open the Owners List in a new browser window.

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Custom Games

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3 new games added January 2007

Bad Girls  (Gottlieb, 1988)
Barb Wire  (Gottlieb, 1996)
Pirates of the Caribbean  (Stern, 2006)

10 new links for existing games added January 2007

Defender  (Williams, 1982)
Eight Ball Deluxe  (Bally, 1981)
Funhouse  (Williams, 1990)
Last Action Hero  (Data East USA, Inc., 1993)
Machine, The: Bride of Pinbot  (Williams, 1991)
Playboy  (Stern, 2002)
Space Jam  (Sega Pinball, Inc., 1996)
Striker Xtreme  (Stern, 2000)
Time Machine  (Zaccaria, 1983)
Whirlwind  (Williams, 1990)

View Games by Manufacturer

A. Hankin & Co. (1 game, 1 link)
A.B.T. Manufacturing Co. (1 game, 1 link)
Allied Leisure Industries, Inc. (3 games, 3 links)
Alvin G. and Company (2 games, 5 links)
Atari, Inc. (10 games, 20 links)
Automatic Industries Inc. (1 game, 1 link)
Bally (137 games, 665 links)
Bell Games (1 game, 2 links)
Briarwood, Div. Of Brunswick Mfg. Co. (1 game, 1 link)
Brunswick Manufacturing Co. (2 games, 3 links)
Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. (7 games, 28 links)
Chicago Coin Machine Mfg. Co. (9 games, 11 links)
Christian Tabart (1 game, 1 link)
Data East USA, Inc. (28 games, 145 links)
Daval Manufacturing Co. (1 game, 1 link)
Diverama (1 game, 1 link)
E. M. Marchant (1 game, 1 link)
Fascination International Inc. (1 game, 1 link)
Game Plan Inc. (2 games, 3 links)
Geiger-Automatenbau GMBH (1 game, 1 link)
Genco Manufacturing Co. (3 games, 3 links)
Gottlieb (213 games, 466 links)
Industria Electromecánica de Recreativos S.A (2 games, 2 links)
J. Martina (1 game, 1 link)
J.H. Keeney and Co., Inc. (1 game, 1 link)
Jac Van Ham (1 game, 1 link)
Juegos Populares (1 game, 1 link)
Lincoln Mfg. Co. (1 game, 1 link)
Midway Manufacturing Co. (4 games, 5 links)
Mills Novelty Company (2 games, 2 links)
Nuova Bell Games (1 game, 1 link)
O. D. Jennings and Co. (1 game, 1 link)
Pacific Amusement Mfg. Co. (1 game, 2 links)
Peo Mfg. Corp. (1 game, 1 link)
Playmatic (3 games, 5 links)
Rally-Play Co (1 game, 1 link)
Recreativos Franco (1 game, 1 link)
Rock-ola Mfg. Corp. (3 games, 3 links)
Rotor Table Games Co, Inc. (1 game, 1 link)
Sega Pinball, Inc. (18 games, 68 links)
Segasa d.b.a. Sonic (4 games, 5 links)
Stern (44 games, 150 links)
Stoner Mfg. Corp. (1 game, 1 link)
Taito Do Brasil, a division of Taito, Japan (12 games, 12 links)
United Manufacturing Co. (2 games, 2 links)
Victory Games (1 game, 1 link)
Wico Corporation (1 game, 1 link)
Williams (166 games, 749 links)
Zaccaria (7 games, 12 links)

Manufacturer Naming Notes

The name Bally is used as a common name for all games manufactured by:
  • Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
  • Bally Midway Mfg. Co. (1983-1988)
  • Midway Manufacturing Company. Manufacturers of Bally/Midway amusement games. (1988-1999)

The name Gottlieb is used as a common name for all games manufactured by:
  • D. Gottlieb & Co. (1931-1977)
  • D. Gottlieb & Co., a Columbia Pictures Industries Company (1977-1983)
  • Premier Technology (1984-1996)

The name Stern is used as a common name for all games manufactured by:
  • Stern Electronics, Inc. (1977-1984)
  • Stern Pinball, Inc. (1999- )

The name Williams is used as a common name for all games manufactured by:
  • Williams Manufacturing Company (1944-1958)
  • Williams Electronic Manufacturing Co. (1958-1967)
  • Williams Electronics, Inc. (1967-1985)
  • Williams Electronic Games, Inc., a subsidiary of WMS Industries, Inc. (1985-1999)

All links and site features are correct at time of first publication. I take no responsibility if a link becomes broken or site features have changed. However, I would appreciate it if you would tell me if a link is now broken. My email address can be found here.

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