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                        Rand KR-2 Special
CSR has been lengthened in the fuselage by 17 inches and engine mount and prop extension to a further 9 inches, making it longer by 26 inches overall.  It has been widened by 3 inches at the cockpit and uses a Dragonfly canopy.  The rudder has been lengthened and a strobe added.  It is running full electrics and many extras so is heavier than most with a loss of climb perfomance but no difference in the cruise and penetrates better in rough air and is more stable especially at MAUW.
The power plant is a Revmaster 2100D utilising twin magnetos and Stromberb CD150 carb.  Fuel comsumption is 15 litres per hour at 125 kts.  The fan is a Clark Performance Propellor 52x48".  
Rand fixed gear was fitted with Cleveland hydraulic independent disc brakes and line lock parking brakes.

Length                       16'8"
Wing span                 23'
Wing area                  88 sq ft
Empty weight             665 lbs
Gross weight             1150 lbs
Useful load                485 lbs
Takeoff dist               400 ft
Landing dist               650 ft
Stall speed                 48 knots
Max speed VNE         174 knots
Cruise speed              125 knots
Max S & Level           148 knots
Fuel                            70 litres
Range                         4.5 hrs @ 125 kts

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ZK-CAQ is a Druine D31 Turbulent which I have just finished rebuilding and has a Hapi 1860cc engine with a magneto and a Hapi electronic pickup feeding two motorbike coils run by a gel cell battery for a secondry ignition system.
Length    17ft 6in.        Height    5ft.        Span    21ft 7in.
Wing area    77.5sq ft.        Empty weight    400lb.
Usefull load    223lb.        Fuel capacity    7 imp gals.
VNE    125mph.        Stall    42mph.        Cruise    90mph at 3200

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My other two loves in my life
My wife Shelley and my 1922 Ford T

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