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Welcome to my personal "home page". This page is hosted at my ISP, Paradise.Net, and is developed with the help of the Apache Web Server and the SciTE text editor. It tries to abide by some web site principles.

This is what I have instead of a blog. It's a lot like a blog, except that:

I was a student at Victoria University of Wellington. I eventually finished a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics, with Honours (1/1) in Logic and Computation; my final studies included modal logic and the λ-calculus. I am now out there in the "real world".

This does not give me a lot of time for hobbies, but I have played with a few things recently:

Update: I succumbed to peer pressure and started a blog.

Older Projects

A long time ago now I wrote a program for working around my computer's defective memory (27 December 2003).

On New Year's Eve I managed to re-assemble a wooden puzzle given by my brother. To avoid having to figure it out again next time someone pulls it apart, I ray-traced the solution with POV-Ray (31 December 2003).

I used to do some Subversion hacking, including a program for indexing Subversion repositories (svnindex).

I have often enjoyed exploring fractals.

Finally, I have a rather primitive web crawler written in PHP.

Recommended Things

The Wikipedia is a wonderful online encyclopedia, in several languages and with over a hundred thousand articles. One of its best features is that anyone can contribute (write new articles, edit, translate, fix errors, create links between articles, argue about factual correctness, revert vandalism, etc.). This can be done anonymously or with a Wikipedia account.

POV-Ray is a nice ray-tracer, capable of some very impressive images. It's used via a scene description language, rather than by drawing shapes in a window, so it helps if you have some programming experience and a little mathematical ability (and can think in 3 dimensions).

The Subversion version control system is really neat, and a worthy successor to CVS (and other versioning systems). For more information, read The Subversion Book. I keep all my personal work in Subversion, including this web page — as you can tell from the Subversion keyword in the footer!

Inkscape is, IMHO, the best free vector graphics editor out there.

PostgreSQL is awesome. I use it for personal projects, and (quietly!) at work for some tasks, such as managing XML documents. I am slowly working on adding builtin support for Loose Index Scans; I should non-blog about that sometime.

My main web news sources are Slashdot, Wired and BBC News, and the Colbert Report.

Stack Overflow is addictive.

For New Zealand news, try Scoop and Stuff.

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