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Problem - not enough power, and I have a serious mental problem with Prado's passing me.

Solution - My Go Fast Engine recipe.

Caught out by the different external dimensions of the Buick head. The alternator, power steer and air-conditioning pumps had to be positioned using 20mm spacers and longer bolts. The alternator bracket had to be altered by welding in a small new section and re drilling of some holes.
I also underestimated the engine heat output and had to put in a 5 element core into the radiator and also twin electric fans.
The Rover smaller sized head bolts were too small. I had to get 12 chevy 'end' head bolts. This can be difficult as the Chevy has only 4 of these bolts per set.
I spent considerable time in trying to get my old Holley 390 to run the new engine without too much success. Apply the proven principle that bigger is better, a Webber 600 now runs the engine, jetted two sizes richer.

Points that I considered important

1. Mains stud kit.
2. Strong bottom end with Chevy performance parts which are all balanced.

3. I have heard of a lot of people making comments about the P76 stroker not revving. To cure this something needs to be done with the heads and gas flow. I chose 'all out' with the ported Buick heads and Edlebrock manifold. The engine has no choice now, it must rev like stink.

The following pictures show the various parts and stages of the engine project
(click on the images for a bigger picture)

ewbuick.jpgNice cylinder polish, Note the water jacket plug bottom left

ewedport.jpgPorted inlet Edlebrock Performer manifold.

ewedup.jpgUpside down Edlebrock manifold - note the extended bottom ports.

exhaust.jpgAnd on the left we have a beautifully ported Buick exhaust port. And, Oh dear, on the right we have a miserable, pathetically undersized standard Rover exhaust port. Ever tried breathing through a straw?

einletc.jpgLeft is a standard 41mm high Rover inlet port on the head. On the right is a 54mm ported Buick inlet port.

ehead.jpgOh, a nice shiny head sun bathing on the Suzuki. Notice the glow that it emits.

emanw1.jpgAnd a wee bit of welding on the underside of the Edlebrock manifold before porting.

emanw2.jpgAnd some more welding.

emanw3.jpgAnd may as well weld the top too.

eready.jpgThe assembled 5 Litre, just before it's hoisted into the engine bay. Surprisingly the photo was in focus as I was shaking with excitement.

erockers.jpg A close up showing the dual springs, rocker shaft mount spacers and the inlet manifold adaptor plate. This plate allowed for better port matching to the ported Buick head.

evalve.jpgTo install any larger valves than these requires off setting the valve guides.

evalley.jpgThe custom valley seal is a 2mm aluminum plate which is fitted to the inlet plate edge slot. The valley plate ends are sealed in the usual way with the rubber seal and steel valley plate above.

elip.jpgHere you can see the liner which extends above the block deck.

eblock.jpgThis block is short.

tubeh.jpgCustom made big bore 4-2-1 tube headers.  Very important for breathing.

Well, what does it go like?

Well, it's fast. Takes off like a V8 car.

Other modifications

Off Road Kit

I fitted a Mile Marker II hydraulic winch and also carry

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