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1st, Thursday

Three aeroplanes from the German Barsmeier-Falken expedition arrive at the camp. Their leader, Dr Meyer, announces that they have come to see the site for themselves and help the others in the work here.

2nd, Friday

The remnants of what appear to have been nine human and four dog dissections are uncovered by the combined men. Meyer takes Moore away to talk afterwards, and he remains sequestered until noon.

Moore then tells our heroes that Meyer provided him with a manuscript written by Dyer, that has a fantastic explanation of the events. He provides this to the others in order to have other opinions on the document.

That afternoon, Atherton and Jones read the Dyer Text. Later, Moore discusses the implications of the tale with our heroes. A flight across the mountains to check whether the city exists is planned.

3rd, Saturday

Our heroes steal a document from Meyer's tent. Bolt also finds photographs of the City of the Elder Things in the satchel, which must be those taken by Dyer and Danforth.

The document turns out to be the unpublished final chapters of Poe's Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, an account of Pym's adventures at sea and amongst the natives in the Antarctic. Bolt claims that certain elements in this story are recognisable from Dyer's manuscript.

4th, Sunday

Final preparations are made for the flight. A few last minute problems mean that Lexington - accompanied by Meyer and two of his men - gets off the ground first.

The flight brings home to the explorers the strangeness of these Antartic mountains. The strange shapes of the rock formations and other geological features set these monoloths apart from other ranges.

As they come through the pass, the passengers see the City of the Elder Things spread before them. By noon, they have landed in a broad circular plaza.