Introduction - Welcome to Project SAM

In short, SAM is the design of a car based heavily on KITT from Knight Rider from the popular 80s TV series. Although KITT is a very fine automobile (to say the very least), it required the magic of television for it to become reality. The whole purpose of SAM is to build a car which boasts an equally impressive resume of sophistication through the use of an on board computer - and without camera tricks. There will be no shortage of buttons to push inside this car!

Originally SAM stood for "Steve's Awesome Machine". However, I decided that name was a bit egocentric and so was changed to "Seriously Awesome Machine". A comical name for a serious project but accurate in its definition.

I had wanted a Trans Am for some years but before I was able to afford one, I purchased a personalised number plate in November 1998 (before I even owned a car at all), to indicate my sincerity in getting a Trans Am. Unfortunately "SAM" was already taken by South Auckland Motors, so I settled for "A SAM" - A Seriously Awesome Machine, which it certainly will be. Here is a picture of the plate.

It would be a fair question to ask why I want to build such a car, and the answer is very simple. It's because I want to and because I can. I love the fantasy that Knight Rider is as it's a great escape from the crazy world that we live in and I love the technology that KITT had. I like being creative and I decided that I want to build a car similar to KITT and at the end of the day be able to say "I built that". I also like that era of Trans Am.

I look forward to the adventure that creating this machine will bring, along with the knowledge I will accumulate and be able to share with others.