Below is a simple list of ideas that I'd like to put in SAM. While all of them are perhaps possible, I may not implement all of them due to cost and practicality. Not to mention any legal issues which may arise. They aren't in any particular order, and neither are they complete. If you have any ideas or contributions you'd like to make, please feel free to get in touch.

Please note that these ideas have been greatly refined and have not yet been updated on this page.

Core Components

ComponentInitial productAlternative product

Car body3rd generation Pontiac Trans AmNone - Trans Am only
ComputerAcorn StrongARM Risc PC derivativePC motherboard
Psion 5
Operating SystemRISC OS 4Linux
Why not use Microsoft Windows?

That is an easy question to answer!

WinCE is also inappropriate, mostly because it's a Microsoft product and therefore can't be trusted as being reliable.

PA System

Touch screen TV

Cruise Control



Remote/Radio Control

Remote Access

Audio Control System

Information Gathering

Car Phone

Sound Effects

Media Storage

Display Indicators

Small LED display to cycle through available units e.g "Range km"

Warning Indicators

Power Windows

Auto Door



Silent Mode

Weather Safety

Key Ring Control

Application Software