Knight Rider

World famous in New Zealand

Sometime in 2002 when TV 4 was showing reruns of Knight Rider these web pages featured in TV guide. An image of the page is reproduced here without permission, but since I wasn't asked if they could publish my URL in the first place I figure it's even.


Throughout the four seasons of Knight Rider the basic theme tune remained the same, but the background sound effects varied. For example, Knight of the Phoenix consisted of the tune only with no sound effects present (e.g the sound of KITT's scanner), but the season four theme had Super Pursuit Mode engaging along with many other sounds.

All themes are in MP3 format. Knock yerself out!

SPM samples

Super Pursuit Mode (known as SPM for short), gave KITT the ability to travel at an insane speed of about 300MPH. To do this, KITT transformed by opening up air intake vents, popping out fins to aid manoeuvring, and of course, the rockets. The engaging procedure involved a variety of really cool sound effects, whereas the Emergency Braking System (EBS) was much simpler as it only involved three braking fins appearing (which actually looked like large panels), which brought the car to a sudden halt.


Here's a few links to other web sites that contain more information on Knight Rider, plus a web site I did a link exchange with...

Project SAM

This is a long term project whose purpose is to build a KITT replica over the course of a few years. Although it purposely won't be the same as KITT (it will have my own features), it most certainly will be a Trans Am. Read about it here.


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