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  Well, it took a while, but i finally got some free web space for my comic. It's not pretty, because i'm still figuring the automation stuff out, and it wont update exactly at the right time, no matter where in the world you are.
  Enough talk, here's the url:
  Remember you can still see and comment on the comic here:


  Good gravvy!!! It's a new year. I'm feeling especially foolish today, having just drawn my first few cartoon strips. I have no idea where i'm going to put them permanently, so they'll lurk around my gallery, and probably show up on my deviantart site. w00t.


  Another tutorial which is another way to cutout stuff. I've been meaning to share this secret for ages... (secret???).
  Well, more to come...


  Two more tutorials up - 3d cubes and 3d texturing in Paint Shop Pro. Also, took down the graffiti wall because it wasn't working, and the newsletter because it sucked. In its place is my tutorials for Jasc's Paint Shop Pro. They're good, not like those silly little "how to make squiggles" tut's.
  Also, a new link to Nanson's Place, a great resource for Paint Shop Pro tutorials.
  I'm also working on several new things, so hopefully i'll have them finished before next year.


  I have finished my first Winamp skin, get it now!. It's called 'VU', after my little vu-meter tutorial.
  Go vote for me at deviantart.
  Please email me feedback, comments and bug reports. It was fun, i'll do it again.


  I created another wallpaper, FireFly. Go check it out. It's also on my deviantart page so u can comment on it. Please do, i need the feedback.


  My work is now on, so go visit my page here and comment on all my current works.


  Nothing much is happening at the moment.
  Go vote for my stuff at


  I've added a 'graffiti wall' to my site. In the left column of this page u may notice it.
  Feel free to comment, spam, or just go nuts...
  This may only be temporary, especially if netscape users have problems.


  Music has been cleaned up. All the links to music should work, just ignore all the propaganda.
  Have a good bad Good Friday.


  My first tutorial is up on vu-meter's. Many people asked for it, so i hope they get some use from it. All i ask is that my original vu-meter's not get ripped or copied.


  I added another link.


  I have added some links, and updated little stuff, but nothing too drastic.

  Music is back up at last. Although i had to go with geocities, i was that desperate. Oh well, it only took 2 hours to upload...

  Another wallpaper made today and uploaded to the gallery. Maybe i'm getting better?

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