This is where i'll endeavor to put my music, some decent players and some tools for tracking music.

A few hints:
There are a few different types of music files available:
- bmx files are currently only able to be played in Buzz Tracker. Some unlikely generators and effects have been added with each file.
- s3m, it and xm files are able to be played thru most recently developed players.

Downloads will pop up in a new window.

  Music Selection:

  Buzz Format:

Song Name Date DD/MM/YY Size Description
Angel Dream 26.1.2000 687kb My first buzz tune, but that's not to say it isnt any good. Nicely ambient.
Amber Falls 14.9.2000 1392kb Ambient once again, but not too bad. Took too long to do tho...
Total of 2 songs, 2079kb.

  S3m Format:

Song Name Date DD/MM/YY Size Description
Accidental Science 2.9.1997 51.2kb A little 4-chn s3m i did one day when i was bored. There's not much to it, but it still sounds reasonable.
Artificial 9.5.1997 342kb Sorta Goa-ish i guess. Maybe too rave-y. Loops...
Cruising vol. 1 21.10.1996 278kb First in a set of three. Dunno why it's called this. This is one of my earlier works, and i guess it sounds happy-ish?
Cruising vol. 2 12.12.1996 275kb This was the next one i did, so i decided to call it the same as above. This is more techno, but i think there was a point where i should have stopped.
Cruising vol. 3 14.12.1996 318kb The last one, this one being more like a club remix than anything else. They were early days...
Evergreen 8.4.1998 301kb My 1998 2nd compostion. I think it scored quite well, tho they really wanted something more classical.
Fatal Error 4.4.1997 129kb Dunno what style. Funny thing is, it actually does produce a fatal error in Cubic Player for me. I didnt write it to do this... =)
High Density 10.3.1997 169kb More goa? Who knows...
Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Remix 27.5.1997 349kb Based on the original theme in the BBC series of the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. I prefer the book =)
Live With It 1.8.1997 356kb Happy song? Kinda like a medley i guess...
Lullaby 17.9.1995 82.3kb Arranged from a midi file i found somewhere. Full credit to the original composer.
Mind 8.4.1998 113kb Trance.
Spacial Anomaly 4.3.1997 248kb Sorta space tune.
Virtual Dreams 24.4.1997 351kb A collection of genres all crammed into one song(?)
Total of 14 songs, 3362.5kb.

  It Format:

Song Name Date DD/MM/YY Size Description
The Shell 12.9.1999 455kb My 1999 3rd compostion. Scored very well =P. Based on a poem by James Stephens. Partly composed on Sibelius, but that just didnt have the right sound.
Total of 1 song, 455kb.


  Players Selection:

  Windows 9x/NT:

Tool Name Size Description Formats supported
XMPlay 1.6 126kb

XMPlay is an XM/IT/MOD/S3M/MTM player for Windows 9x/NT. It's got the best (most accurate to FT2) XM reproduction to be heard from any player.



Tool Name Size Description Formats supported
Cubic Player 2.0alpha 652kb

Cubic Player (CP) is a music player which plays a variety of sound formats on several sound cards.

Total of 2 players, 778kb.


  Trackers Selection:

  Windows 9x/NT:

Tool Name Size Description Formats supported
Buzz Tracker (available from 2662kb

A PC Software package written by Jeskola Software (aka Oskari Tammelin) used in the creation of music. Buzz can be described best as a Software Synthesizer crossed with a tracker.



Tool Name Size Description Formats supported
Impulse Tracker 2.14 888kb

Technically the #1 DOS tracker, ScreamTracker look & feel w/ MANY! great enhancements.

Total of 2 trackers, 3550kb.
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