Here are a few links that you should go to. They have the Youp Seal of Approval, and in todays hi-tech world that can mean the difference between a really really cool site or this one...
 Nanson's Place Hundreds of great Paint Shop Pro tutorial links. A simply awesome resource.
 Plastik This is a webpage about graphics created on the computer and design.
 PSP Creed The site for all your PSP needs. Tutorials, tips, goodies, graphics, resources, awards, community forum, and more...
 Titan PSP A great site for graphics, tutorials, tips and fonts with a pick of the week page for all you graphics artists. Xhanubis portal for The Crazy Jamaican CrazySearchEngine, Crazy Classifieds and DredWorld websites.
Sluggy Freelance This is funny.
Maz Sound Tools For all your tracker, sampler, and other sound orientated stuff, visit here.
Victoria University of Wellington Visit here to find out more about VUW and what is has to offer.
The Easter Egg Archive Go here to find out all those little easter eggs hidden in your applications, games, and even movies, art and music.
Yikez - Taming Web Design A great resource site for Webmasters.
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