Thomas Edison(1847-1931)


When one thinks of a "World Changer", it is naturally a dynamic, charismatic leader, or perhaps a dramatic, famous (or infamous) figure, who comes to our minds first.

Well, the next time you hit your light switch, pause and think about the impact Thomas Edison has made on the Twentieth Century!

Here was a man gifted with a tremendous ability to create. He overcame a lifelong hearing disability to become one of history's greatest inventors.

While employed at a railway station selling newspapers, Edison constructed a laboratory in a disused railway car. In 1863 he began work as a telegraph operator and invented a device to send two messages through the same wire at the same time. He was not yet twenty one years old.

At twenty two he became a full-time inventor. In the following years he invented different appliances and devices we nowadays take so much for granted.

1877. Edison invents the phonograph. 1878. Sets up the Edison Electric Light Company and begins experiments with electricity. This company is later renamed The General Electric Power Company. 1879. Invents the lightbulb. 1882. Installs the first electric power station. 1910. Produces the first ever talking movie.

So the next time you; listen to music, turn on a light (or any electrical appliance), and the next time you watch a movie; remember it was, in no small part, primarily through the vision and creativity of one man. A "World Changer" of the highest caliber indeed.

BOTTOMLINE Thomas Edison was born into a typical everyday home. Plus he was potentially hindered by a hearing disability. He got an idea, and he pursued it!! May his example encourage you to pursue and release your creativity and potential.

Also it was Edison who was credited with the following well-known quote when someone told him he was a genius; Edison replied "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration." Are you ready to "sweat" to release what God has put in you?

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