Steam Trains
There is information still to be collected
Electric Trains
There is information still to be collected
Diesel Electric
There is information still to be collected

Steam Trams.
24 August 1878 ~ 1882
Horse Drawn Trams.
1882 ~ 1904

Electric Trams:
30 June 1904 ~ 2 May 1964 ...
Open Sided (Hong Kong or Toast Rack)
Double Decker
Freight Tram
Californian Double Saloon
Fiducia ...
During the great depression of the 1930's a new and modern looking tram was designed and built by Wellington Tramways Corporation . It was made for, and debuted  at, the National Confidence Carnival in 1933, to help fundraise for the Mayor's distress fund.  It was a much needed confidence boost for the public of that time.  In latin Fiducia means reliance, trust confidence and loyalty.

Kelburn Cable Car:
Original Cars. 22/02/1902 ~ 22/09/1978
The modern Swiss Cars.  1979 ~ Still in use.

Diesel Buses:
Petrol Buses...
Tilling Stevens x3. 1914
Republic 81R x2. 1925
Daimler x5. 1926
Mack x5. 1926
Fisher x2.  1927
Mason Road Kings x12. 1927
Daimler x5. 1927/8
Leyland Lioness LTB1 x3. 1931
Daimler x2 . 1933
Bedford WTB x2 . 1936
Bedford x . 1939
Ford V8 x11 . 1939
Diesel Buses...
Leyland Tiger x10. 1936/40
AEC Regal MkI x13. 1936/47
Leyland OPSI x5.  1947/8
Leyland OPS 3/1 x11. 1948
AEC Regal MkIII. x6. 1947/8
Leyland OPS2/1 x6. 1948
Leyland Comet x2. 1951
Leyland Royal Tiger OPSU 3/3 x8. 1953
AEC Reliance MkI x67. 1957/8
AEC Reliance MkII x44. 1962/3
Leyland Leopard MkI x16. 1967/8
Leyland Leopard MkII x16. 1976/7
Leyland Leopard MkII x62. 1978/9
M.A.N. x20. 1987 ~ Still in use
There are new low-floor MAN diesels in use today, but I have yet to obtain info on them

Trolley Buses:
Trackless Tram x1.  1924 ~ 1932
Crossley x10. June 20 1949/50
BUT (British United Traction) x38. 1951/6
BUT English Electric MkI x33.1958/60
BUT English Electric MkII x19. 1964
BUT English Electric MkIII x19. 1964
Volvo x68. 1981/7 ~ Still in use today
Ansaldo x20 . 1984~1986

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