A Beginners Guide to New Zealand

The Dog

Kia Ora and welcome to The Kiwi Site: An introduction to New Zealand for those who really don't have a clue.

But first, a quick introduction to the site:

Kiwiness Quiz:

Find out what you know about NZ, the result will tell you virtually nothing.
Map and Facts
    Some interesting facts about New Zealand ... most of them are even true.


Lenin, Darwin, Twain, Muldoon, a few others, say stuff about New Zealand. Yes they all knew where it was ... roughly.
Sheep Quiz

A little quiz to see if you can think like a sheep. No prizes for success but lifelong ridicule for failure.

Kiwi Facts
      Some facts about the kiwi (the bird ... not the fruit, not the people)

Sheep Farm Tycoon and other games

Java games that will kill some time and maybe even get your name on the high scores board

The Movie

A very short film about some sheep ... ... ...


Links to various other websites of interest and some other stuff occassionally

New Zealand Travel & Accommodation Guide
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