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New Zealand Sites:

New Zealand Escape
       (If you are coming to NZ or hope to, this site is an excellent place to start)

The Farm in Diggers Valley
       (Great site about life on a kiwi farm, complete with pet sheep!!)

Kiwi Recovery Programme
       (see some kiwis)

Zippity Zoo
       (Hire a zoo)

       (Hear the all blacks perform the haka)

About New Zealand
       (Government site with some good information)

Jetboat the Rapids
       (Indeed there are more exciting things to do in NZ than sheep watching.)

Pirongia Clydesdales
       (Large famous horses.)

Middle Earth Gold
       (Find gold, get rich, retire young)

Email Mortgages
       (Don't just look, move here, buy your own chunk of nz, get some sheep, live happily ever after)

New Zealand Films on VHS tapes and DVD
       (NZ films: buy em, watch em, be amazed)

Circle Of Asia
       (And now for something completely different, pop in to Thailand on your way home.)

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