FROM 1637 to 1869

By Matthew Adams Stickney
Published for the author by Salem Institute Press, Salem, Massachusetts, USA, 1869

Files Transcribed By:
Warren Keith Stickney
Wellington, New Zealand, May 1997


William Stickney, his wife and three children emigrated from Hull, Yorkshire, England, arriving in Boston, MA., in 1637/8, then settled in Rowley. Two sons Samuel and Thomas settled in the Rowley's Merrimack lands that became East Bradford and later in 1850 Groveland, another son Amos settled in Newbury, and two sons John and Andrew remained in Rowley. The book follows the progress of William and Elizabeth's descendants through nine generations in America, and briefly, the ancestry of the Stickney family in England prior to 1637.

There are over 5,600 family members named Stickney mentioned in the Book, spanning the period up until 1869. To these can be added the Stickney spouses, and in some cases their ancestors, making nearly 9,200 people in all.

In addition to those who married members of the Stickney family, reference is made to other early New England families who had some social or business interaction with a family member. See the end section of the Index file for a listing of these names.


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The Stickney family file, Stickney.ged, is based on the GEDCOM 4 format. It contains 9,195 names and 3,101 marriages, with no unconnected people. The Book refers in its Appendix to New England Historical and Genealogical Register (NEHGR) Vol. 14, p. 61, and the additional information given on the St. John family has been incorporated.

Separate genealogical information is also provided on families other than Stickney in-so-far as they form part of the ancestry of the book's author. These families of Burpee, Davis, Fowler have been given separate GEDCOM files. Other people with the name Stickney who by the author's reckoning were not descendants of William and Elizabeth Stickney also have a separate file. These files are named Burpee.ged, Davis.ged, Fowler.ged and Others.ged respectively.

The GEDCOM web browsing option contains the contents of Stickney.ged, Burpee.ged, Davis.ged, Fowler.ged and Others.ged, all merged together in the one file, and containing the inter-family links.


Very early records

Where the Book date is given in the format 2 m. 3 da. 1684, then the month has been entered corrected. In the example above the month is entered as April (the "second" month) and not as February (the "twelfth" month). The Message/Notes area of the "Person Record" will in these cases show the date in the form "m. da. y" as given in the Book.

For dates prior to the 1752 calendar change the following rules have been applied

Where the Book gives a date in the form Jan 12 1716-7, then that date has been recorded as Jan 12 1716/17. Where the Book gives a date in the form Jan 12 1716 only, then that date has been recorded as Jan 12 1716, with a consequent, and unfortunate, loss in clarity.
So treat all dates lying between Jan 1 and March 24 of any year prior to 1752 with care in respect to the year.
Marriage dates
Sometimes dates within the "Marriage Date" field are more correctly "Intention to Marry" dates. Generally these have been prefixed ABT (about) to indicate a lack of precision. In a few instances, where multiple years are specified, the field size has precluded the use of this prefix, but here the notes associated with the person will clarify the issue.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Warren Keith Stickney

To satisfy any inquisitiveness, yes, I am a member of this American Stickney family, although my birth in 1942 took place in far off Wellington, New Zealand.

My father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all born in London, UK, the first two emigrating to younger, fresher pastures in New Zealand in 1913.

My great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Stickney, number 1171 in the Book, was born (according to the 1851 English Census) in Boston, MA., in 1812. He was a highly skilled equestrian, performing from 1830 onwards at the famous Astley's Amphitheatre in London and billed as "The American Rider," although returning from time to time during the 1830s to give performances with his brother Samuel in America.

He is mentioned in Dr. Arthur H Saxon's authoritative book "The Life and Art of Andrew Ducrow and the Romantic Age of the English Circus," Archon Books 1978. Astley's was the birthplace of the modern circus in 1768.

We Stickney's do get around a bit.