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Springhill Aviation Club, operating from Springhill Airstation, a private airstrip in Wayby (just south of Wellsford in the Dome valley).  Our club caters for Radio controlled model aircraft, and private operations of light aircraft and microlights. This is a very active model site,  with r/c model aircraft operating at any time. Full size aircraft should be very conscious of this when approaching and joining the Springhill circuit. A listening watch on VHF 119.1 is maintained  from the clubhouse at busy times, weekends especially, and joining aircraft should use standard uncontrolled aerodrome radio procedures and complete a standard overhead circuit entry.  AWIB on 131.25 (4 quick mike clicks) with wind/model activity.
Main runway 34 / 16 is Tarseal 870 x 10 m.
Refer AIPVol 4 for full information. 


Club Officials 2007:
PATRON: Richard Izard
President: Tony Lloyd
Vice President:  Barry Rose
Secretary: Paul Sparrow
Treasurer: Paul Sparrow
Club Captain:  Colin Austen
Committee:  Ted Hatton
  Bill Rea
  Gregor Guggenberger
  Trevor White

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Larry's 90th Sunday 25th March 2007 birthday party
Ntrn Helicopter Club visit Sunday 25th March 2007 visit by Northern Helicopter Club
Scale Rally day, Sunday 4th March Scale Rally day, Sunday 4th March
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NZMAA New Zealand Model Aeronautical Association
RAANZ Recreational Aircraft Association of NZ
Izard Aviation Izard Aviation
Challenger Quad City Challenger Microlights

If you have enquiries or questions, email us c/- The Secretary, Paul Sparrow :
The Secretary

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