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Family history . . .

Work on the family tree is an ongoing task and is based on exploring my father's (SEAMAN), my mother's (KAY) and my step-father's (RUDDENKLAU) branches. Click on the various boxes to see a detailed descendant report for each surname in PDF format, you will need to Adobe Acrobat reader.

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The RUDDENKLAU's have been traced (as at 2005) to two individuals; John George Ruddenklau b. 1829 and John Ruddenklau b. 1834 in Germany. Both immigrated to New Zealand via London. John George Ruddenklua had one daughter who died in 1863 aged 9 years. All the Ruddenklau descendants in New Zealand are from his brother John Ruddenklau.

The Birth, Death and Marriage indices for New Zealand have been search from 1840 to 1990 for every RUDDENKLAU event. It shows that there are no recorded RUDDENKLAU’s in New Zealand from 1840 until the arrival of John George Ruddenklau b1829 from London in 1857. This proves that all RUDDENKLAU’s in New Zealand are descendants of John Ruddenklau b1834 and Agnes Watt b1836-John George and Sarah Ann Workman had one daughter, Fanny, b1854 in England, who died aged 9 years in Christchurch and they had no other children.

The first graph (click to see a larger version) shows the number of living RUDDENKLAU individuals (who were born in New Zealand) between 1855 and 1900. It should be noted that the original arrival of John George, his wife and daughter, Fanny, in 1857 and the arrival of John in 1856 are included in the “birth” count. When RUDDENKLAU males marry their wives are counted as RUDDENKLAU’s. When RUDDENKLAU females marry their husbands and children are not counted as RUDDENKLAU’s. Information is shown for males, females and total for both.

The first recorded marriage and RUDDENKLAU event in New Zealand, was in 1861 between John and Agnes Watt. The first recorded birth was for Henry in 1862, the son of John and Agnes Watt. The first recorded death was for Fanny (daughter of John George and Sarah Ann Workman) in 1863. Fanny was not born in New Zealand but came to New Zealand with her parents in 1857.

The map (click to see a larger version) shows the numbers of RUDDENKLAU births in each New Zealand regions between 1840-1900. The last chart (click to see a larger version)  shows for each decade from 1850 through to 1980’s the number of birth death and marriage events.

Professional profile

I worked for the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) from 1975 to 1980 as a laboratory technician. During that time I completed a New Zealand Certificate in Science (NZCS) through Wellington Polytechnic. I developed my interest in computing with the emergence of programmable laboratory equipment and the use of computers for the analysis of laboratory results.

In 1980 I left DSIR to complete a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) at Victoria University with computer science options. After completing my chemistry degree I joined the New Zealand Post Office (NZPO) in 1982 as a trainee programmer. I continued with 2 years part time study at Victoria University to complete computer science topics at Stage 3 level. I worked on various mainframe applications for NZPO and was primarily responsible for the introduction of fourth generation languages and office automation into the NZPO.

When the NZPO was split into 3 State Owned Enterprises in 1988 I joined Telecom New Zealand managing the Mini-Computer Development Unit. This unit had full responsibility for the development and maintenance of all mini-computer applications in Telecom. I was involved in the early stages of the implementation of the District Account System in the 13 Telecom districts. The role included working with each district to establish their computer services function to run the mini-computer hardware and software.

I left Telecom in 1988 to join Azimuth Consulting Limited. During my time at Azimuth I worked on a wide variety of assignments covering: strategic planning, project management, project directorship, recruitment, tender preparation, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation, documentation, requirements analysis, system design and programming.

I resigned form Azimuth in December 1997 and joined Unisys in January 1998 as a senior consultant in the Strategic Services Programme. In May 1998 I took up the position of Solution Delivery Manger for the Customer Interaction Solutions Programme. In that role I managed a team of 12 direct reports in delivering and supporting interactive voice response solutions for corporate clients who included: ASB, WestpacTrust, BankDirect, Telecom and IRD.

I joined Working Knowledge Group Limited in May 2000 as a project management and business consultant and then started my own company Tanzanite Enterprises Limited in 2002.

Is there life out there . . .

In 1961  Frank Drake developed the Drake Equation to estimate the number of intelligent, communicating civilizations in our galaxy.

N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL

N is the number of stars in out galaxy (the Milky Way)

fp is the fraction of those stars that have planets around them

ne is the number of planets per star that are capable of sustaining life

fl is the fraction of planets in ne where life evolves

fi is the fraction of fl where intelligent life evolves

fc is the fraction of fi that communicate

fl is fraction of the planet's life during which the communicating civilizations live

You can find an on-line calculator to determine your answer on the Active Mind website.

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