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This is just a very, very small sample of the fantastic Forever Knight sites available on the web. There are literally hundreds. The following are my favorites, and IMHO some of the most informative/useful/interesting Forever Knight sites.

Kickstart the Knight

Check out the most recent campaigns to restore the knight .... Yes the crusade continues!!!


This is my favorite FK site, it is full of screen captures and movies clips. This site also offers full length, high quality episodes for download with a new episode each week. Be warned though, each episode is large (approx 450mb) so unless you have ADSL I would advise using a download manager (like Gozilla or ReGet) so you can download overnight. If you download overnight it will take about 3 nights with a 56k modem.

Mr Happy's FK site

Mr. Happy's site is one of the original FK sites (and the first one I ever stumbled on to), it is one of the most comprehensive FK sites around. Originally the home of the question of the week, Mr. Happy no longer had time to keep this portion of his going. So he kindly gave me permission to his concept.

Eve's video's

Eve's montage of FK video clips set to various songs are a must see for anyone experiencing FK withdrawal. These will especially appeal to those of a romantic nature!!!

Volta's FK site

If you want links, the best place to go is Volta's site, this is one of the most comprehensive FK link site around.

Scifi channels FK site

The Sci-fi channels Forever Knight information, contains a bulletin board for fans

Forever Knight petition

Please sign the petition at Kristins Knightvision site, honest it won't hurt a bit :) and it only takes a few seconds.

Write a letter

Signing the petition is good, but writing a letter to the Powers that be, asking for the return of FK is even better. Check out the above link for info on who to write to and suggestions of what to say.

Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club

Check out GWD's bio, and lots of other interesting stuff (especially GWD's playgirl interview)

List Gardeners FK list management help page

There are two main FK mailing lists. Forkni-l is a place for discussing FK with other fans. FKfic-l, is a list where you receive Forever Knight stories written by other fans. There is also a 'virtual fourth season' list. However, not much is happening there at the moment. Go to the list gardeners tip page for instructions on how to subscribe, and how to manage your subscription. The FKfic-l is also where you get the chance to participate/watch the occasional 'FK war' as a survivor of war 11 (the most recent war) I can say with authority that they are great fun!!! (don't let the word 'survivor' put you off)


In case you are wondering what on earth a FK war is, check out this war FAQ and tutorial, that was created for war nine

Mel Mosers Forever Knight Fan Fiction Site.

Mel Mosers Fan Fiction site has more FK story's than you will ever be able to read. It is the home of the Virtual fouth season. However Mel has been unable to update her site for a while, so you will find the latest 4th season episode and numerous other FK stories at....

FTP Forever Knight Fan Fiction Archive

An archive for the various authors of Forever Knight Fan Fiction. This includes the latest V4S episode.

Maria's link archive

Contains links to Forever Knight and other programs.

Media Fans

This is a great little site, contains a wide variety of Forever Knight stuff, wavs, graphics, fanfic, you name it, you'll find some here!!

Dragon's Lair Studio's

If you always enjoyed Lacroix's silky tones and poetic monologues then you'll enjoy Victor Roscetti's Dragon's roar studio site!

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