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August 26th 2001: If Natalie was brought across, what kind of vampire do you think she would make?

September 2nd 2001: If you had to spend a year trapped on a desert island with a Forever Knight character, who would it be?   Why?

September 16th 2001: If you wanted to introduce someone to Forever Knight but could only show them one episode, which one would you choose and why?

September 23rd 2001: If Nick became mortal and asked you to act as a guide to the 'mortal' world for him on his first day what experiences/places would you introduce him to?

September 30th 2001: Why do you think Tracy never figured out that Nick was a vampire?

October 7th 2001: What kind of websites do you think LaCroix would visit?

October 14th 2001: If you could have one power that the FK vampires have what would you choose? and why?

October 21st 2001: What (or who) do the FK characters share their baths/showers with?

November 4th: Would you accept a fourth season of Forever Knight if someone other than Geraint Wyn Davies played the role of Nick Knight? Why/Why not?

November 11th: How do you think Schanke would react if Nick had sat him down and told him that he was a vampire?