Bring back the Knight

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While it was canceled in 1996, Forever Knight lives on in the thousands of fans from around the globe who are still trying to persuade 'The Powers That Be' that this show deserves to return to our screens.   The fans of this show have continuosly shown their support for its resurrection.   When the show was canceled after its first season, the loyal fans of Fk lobbied network executives until they announced that Forever Knight would return to their screens.

When the show was axed part way through its third season, outraged fans again rallied around and managed to have the last episodes of the third season shown.   Now 6 years later the fans of Forever Knight are still trying to persuade TPTB that this show should return. This kind of dedication shows how loved FK was.   If you are interested in finding out about the various efforts to get new episodes of Forever Knight, and/or help out check out the following links.

Kickstart the Knight

Check out the most recent campaigns to restore the knight .... Yes the crusade continues!!!

FK Letter campaign

Please sign the petition at Kristins Knightvision site, honest it won't hurt a bit :) and it only takes a few seconds.

FK Petition

Signing the petition is good, but writing a letter to the Powers that be, asking for the return of FK is even better. Check out the above link also on Kristin's site for info on who to write to and suggestions of what to say.