Ethical and Legal Behaviour in the Treatment of Animals

The question of whether or not a action or behaviour can result in some very complex and variable answers.  Especially when it comes down to ethics rather than a clear cut legal question.  For example, if asked, is it wrong to steal, most people would answer yes without hesitation.   But what if then you then ask if it wrong for a parent to steal food for a starving child when there was no other option. - well then you will likely get an entirely different answer.  While there are hundreds if not thousands of potential topics that could be reviewed when looking at legal and ethical questions I have elected to review the ethical treatment of, and legal rights of animals.

Animal welfare is often overlooked as wider social issues take hold, ie why worry about an animal when we are in the midst of a recession and people are losing their homes and jobs.  Well unfortunately people have been taking away the homes of animals for over a hundred years, so their situation tends to a little bit worse than our own.  Especially when you consider that they weren't the masters of their own downfalls.

Table of Contents:

1)  Whales - the legal and illegal killing

2) Dog Ownership in New Zealand - Dog, Owners and Community rights

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