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Welcome to my weather page! Here you can see how windy and cold it has been. The weather monitoring equipment is homemade, and located on a pole above my house in Avondale (a suburb of Christchurch in New Zealand).

Plots are updated hourly; refresh this page to make sure you have the latest information.
Graph of the latest data
Summarised wind data
Average temperature profiles
Annual temperature profiles
Minimum temperature profiles
Monthly temperature percentiles
Temperature and pressure are measured via analogue sensors connected to 8-bit analogue to digital converters. These are read via the parallel port of my computer every 3 seconds, and the average value logged every ten minutes.

The anemometer contains an infrared LED and transducer arranged so that a signal is sent down the wire each revolution. The signals are counted with an 8-bit counting chip, with the sum communicated to the computer every 3 seconds also via the parallel port. The "max gust" plot corresponds to the maximum 3 second speed recorded in a 10 minute period, while the "average" speed is the average of all the 3 second speeds recorded in the same 10 minute period.

On the software side the computer runs Windows XP. Data collection is completed by a python script, data are stored in a MySQL database, and plots are produced using GNUPlot.

If you are interested in this project and would like to contact me, email me.
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