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Bounce Around album now available in USA and internationally at iTunes stores except Kazikstan.

Hamish Kilgour art work for March Hare EP
"March Hare" 5 track CD EP
Hamish Kilgour did this painting
for our cover

"In My Pocket" 4 track CD EP

CD's from SmokeCDs website. Site features samples of songs

In My Pocket VIDEO
by Richard Bell

CD's are also available in NZ from - Record Records, Galaxy,  Slowboat, Real Groovy, Marbeks (Opus) also for International email orders.

"In My Pocket" features on the Arch Hill Compilation "The Hill Is Alive"

minisnap photo
Malcolm Grant - Marcus Winstanley - Kaye Woodward - Paul Kean

Minisnap's 1st full length album, "Bounce Around" has garnered a bunch of great reviews.
Check out review on Home page or go to the source.

Magic Marker released the CD in USA on 12th August and Pocket Music have ordered another batch after selling out in New Zealand.

Sunday Times (London)
... Bounce Around is rather glorious. Kaye Woodward’s songs are pretty, delicate pop numbers that, for the most part, float over chiming guitars. From time to time – notably on Big Blue Sky – the band reveal an ability to chug along in a more muscular rock fashion, while Wintersweet and Coppice hint at the Velvet Underground’s (third album) sound.

****1/2 Vicki Anderson, The PRESS. 25/01/2008
“ This is a gorgeous collection of pop songs, so bright and fresh you can practically see them sparkle ... dizzying layers of guitars, keyboards and even a charango, this is simply a joy to listen to ... Pure pretty pop with passion.”
“ I've been listening to these songs all night and I'm just in love with them - they're literate, warm and jangly, which is everything that made Flying Nun bands so legendary back in the 80s.
Charming, melodic and upbeat pop that will bring sunshine to your ears.

Gavin Bertram, Real Groove, Feb 2008
.. these songs fly on delicate wings ..there are some lovely songs to be found here. From New Broom’s skiffley melodies, Wintersweet’s minor key confection, to the soaring Big Blue Sky, Woodward’s voice and the assured playing is highly infectious”.

Fire Escape Talking - go and give this review a look and post a comment. We need the love.

EPs and live gig reviews
The intoxicating perfume of Wintersweet in bloom, Matariki (Maori New Year), a mid winter soltice treat, dancing hearts, dancing feet - Minisnap are playing at the Dux de Lux on Friday 17th June 2005.
After success with steady national and international internet sales of their first 2 EP's, "In My Pocket" and "March Hare", Minisnap are finally recording their first album over the next few weeks of the winter new year.

“"What can I say about Minisnap other than ah, Heaven. Beautiful complete songs. Kaye's voice, pure and childlike carries over the warm, clear guitar lines and textures, steady-as-a-rock drums and the distinctive bass sound of Mr Kean"

ODT Dunedin: “March Hare” ****
Lovers of well-crafted indie pop should seek out this little gem...understated pop that touches all the right buttons ... The title track showcases Woodward's sweet voice over a lovely loping guitar groove.
Nick Gormack

Posted by bands, 20:09 Jun 13 2005
Lyrics to"In My Pocket"
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iTunes Music Stores in NZ and Australia

song for a new album underway
31st July - played Dux with Luc Arnault

Older news

PLAYED Southern Amp - 6pm Sun 9th Nov.
Cloudberry release 7" of Whistler and Human Error 25th Oct.
Glowing review for Bounce Around at
USA CMJ radio chart action!!!

Minisnap on TOUR with The BATS
28th Mar - Media Club, Christchurch
with Cowboy Machine and the Klap
29th Mar - Backstage Dunedin
with Alpha State
4th April - Whammy Bar Auckland
with The George and Queen
5th April - San Fransisco Bathhouse Wellington
with Holiday with Friends


25th April - The Windmill, Brixton
Minisnap with Ghost Club and Stolen acts

with Ghost Club at Dux 9th Jan
with Ladybird at the Dux 14th Feb
Lazy Sunday, Botanic Gardens 24th Feb

Dux with Pine 30th Nov
secret gig 17th Nov
Minisnap, Flip and Trillion
Fat Eddies - 6pm Tues 14th Aug

Happy to say, advances have been made on mixing the album. Michael Morley artwork for the cover
-Played with Greg Franco and Wandering Bear at Dux April 19th
- some of us with Ladybird at Wunderbar April 26th
- with Mestar at Al's Bar April 27th

with The Clean March 24th
at Waipara Wine and Food Fest March 25th
with Richard James & the Teacher's Pets
Black Market Art

Thurs 22nd Feb - AL'sBar, Dundas St Christchurch

"In My Pocket" Gasoline Cowboy remix achieved No. 3 in NZ alternative Charts