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Ko Taranaki toku maunga.

Kiaora koutou.
Ko Ngati Pakeha toku iwi.
Ko Taranaki toku maunga. Ko Waiwhakaiho toku awa.
He maha nga waka no tawahi.
Ko wharenui me te whare tapu o Hato Mere te marae.
Ko Darryl Ward toku ingoa.
Koia nei ko wai ahau.

Greetings everyone.
My people are Ngati Pakeha.
My mountain is Taranaki. My body was formed from minerals that washed down from its slopes. I am part of the mountain, and the mountain is part of me.
My river is Waiwhakaiho. Whenever I cross its waters, I know I am home.
I am of many canoes from overseas. My ancestors came from many lands.
The Taranaki Cathedral of St. Mary is my marae.
This is where I was baptised and became a member of the Church.
This is my spiritual home.
My name is Darryl Ward.
This is who I am.

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