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18 February 2016

Online Recovery Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office, New Zealand
Meetings and events in New Zealand, the AA programme, and more.

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
This Web Site is created and maintained by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. The General Service Office is the international office serving A.A. in the U.S./Canada.

Biblical resources for pastoral care: The 12 steps in scripture
A list of Bible passages that relate to the 12 steps.
Biblical resources for pastoral care.pdf


Alcoholism and recovery, daily quotes, jokes, news and links


e-AA Group
An online group of Alcoholics Anonymous

Grapevine Magazine
The homepage of the international journal of A.A.

Liturgy: worship that works - spirituality that connects
A site about helping your worship to be vital, transforming and faithful.
While this is not a 'recovery' site, there is a wealth of information for those

who want to improve their conscious contact with God.

This is a very cool site with music for STOPPING drinking!

Recovery Threads
Clothing for the recovery community

Sober Recovery
Online recovery resources for all kinds of addictions.

Sobriety Calendar
Follow the programme, one day at a time, all 366 days of 2016.

The Big Book Online 4th edition
An online version of the most recent edition of Alcoholics anonymous (the 'Big Book').

XA Speakers
You can download speeches from Bill W and Dr Bob (the co-founders of A.A.) and many others in MP3 format.

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