Suspension Developments have designed swivelling rebuildable joints, currently used in various race-car suspensions/steering, mostly in speedway cars.
They replace ball joints and steering knuckles in bolt-through style applications. These joints have also been used in agriculture and some industrial applications i.e. children's swing tops.

With their machineable, weldable, exterior housings and their boreable balls, these units are highly adaptable, unlike virtually all other self-aligning or swivelling joints.
The standard units have high impact synthetic retainers or inserts, which are replaceable if necessary. Other abrasive-resistant inserts are also available.

There are two styles of joint, one having a circlip retainer, the other having a screw-in lockable retainer to adjust up tension on the ball. The former style of joint has a higher mis-alignment than the latter - which will tolerate considerably higher impact and stress levels.

The balls are either plain with a hole through, or spiggoted on both sides of the hole, to allow the hole length to extend beyond the housing width.
The plain balls normally come with a high-tensile spacer for single shear mounting.

Suspension Developments build high strength and heavy duty, tubular wishbones in various styles using their own unique joints.
Panhard bars, trailing and steering arms are also available.

Broaching of splines for torsion bars is also one of our specialities, covering 2 sizes of VW and sprintcar bars 1 1/8".

Coil-over shock kits and whole units are another significant part of Suspension Development's work programme.
Alloy and steel spring tops, steel and brass composite threaded, lockable height adjusters are also part of our componentry.
We have the ability to adapt Coil-over kits to almost any shock available. On some kits heavy duty urethane bushes have been cast to support the extra weight of the body on spring.

The casting of the urethane [some people call it by the commercial name, nolathane], has been also used to produce engine mounts. It is also used to replace rubber drivers in door regulators, and in various other automotive applications, where the original rubber has failed, or is insufficient in it's current location to perform well.

To complete the list of Suspension Development products that we offer for sale, are wide-five hollow spindles, coil-over eliminators and alloy engine pulleys.

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