Minutes for St Francis de Sales Parish PPC Meeting  7 August 8.09pm - 9.16pm


Present: Father Mateo, Steve Downes, Patricia Reilly, Fred Lefaoseu, Bernadette Murfitt.


Apologies: Julia Kennard, David Ryrie, Denise Kerr, Sr Christine


Opening Prayer: Fr Mateo


General Business:


  • AGM date set for 2 September 2012 at 4pm in the hall. Nominations forms will be published in the parish newsletter for people to write on and bring back to Mass the next week. Father will speak to this after the Final Prayer this weekend. We have drafted our council comments for Father to include in his address to the parishioners. Patricia to contact Lucienne to organise newsletter nomination form and inform Gerard Hoskins about the AGM date. Need to thank David Ryrie and Gloria McGirr for their service to the PPC. Steve will contact Claire Owen to speak about David’s service at the AGM.


  • Father talked about Pastoral Care, in terms, of what is existing and what we need in the future. Fr mentioned perhaps looking at the governance structures and there are other better ways to meet all the needs of the parish.  Fred and Bernadette are going to email and work on a visual diagram of our parish structure as it is at the moment. Once they have something to look at they send it out to Fr Mateo and the PPC, Finance and Liturgy chairs. We want to have the final version ready for presenting at the AGM.


  • Glad shop which has closed is going to sell religious items at the back of the church. 50/50 split between the parish and the owners of the Glad shop.


  • Strong project: We must have at least a monthly information update on the earthquake situation for our parish buildings. This needs to also be posted on the parish web site.


  • Sound System – Visual and sound full refit of wiring to bring us up to date for the sound system will be at least $30,000 – 40,000.


  • Website - Joy Andersen looks after. PPC minutes are now posted. There is probably more opportunities available through the website and other social networks that we need to plug into.


  • Youth – Coordinator for Youth is needed.


  • Formation Day – Last feedback still to be done by Patricia.


  • Gloria’s dinner – nothing done about this as yet. We need to organize something for David and Gloria.


  • Major Fundraiser for 2012 – Fred to brainstorm a fundraiser event idea for the parish looking at early to mid- November timing. Fred will email each of us for feedback of ideas tomorrow.




  • Archdiocese – Caritas, Social Justice week coming up. There is a combined event with St Joseph’s, St Anne’s and here that Karen Holland, Lesley Hooper and Mary Scanlon.

  • Archdiocese – Future of our parishes - Fr Mateo fed back to us that the Task Force will take our information we sent on 31st July into account in their planning regarding the four pastoral areas..


Short-term plan – action plan of what to do next:


-        Visual diagram of parish structure

-        Fundraiser planning

-        New recruits for PPC nominations

-        Maybe meet before the AGM date perhaps Tuesday before if needed.


Next meeting:


4 September 7:30pm-9pm in the meeting room at the back of the church behind sanctuary area on the school side.