TV 3 Transcript March 29 2001

News reader John Campbell:
[pic of X from Destiny]
Well this is the week NZ must lose its most successful make-believe heroine. The final day of shooting for XWP is tomorrow. For her fans, her
you might call generation X, the breastplates and leather will be packed away, the weapons laid down and peace will rain forever in medieval (sic)
telly land.

[selections from opening credits and main theme with the voice-over "She was Xena...."]

Sharon Fergusson reporting:
[pic of a set - a village/shantytown with orange and red pieces of cloth hanging from lines strung between houses. snow on the ground]
The cries of battle will be no longer be heard in the foothills of Waitakere. It's no secret that RP is packing up and moving out. The secret
is - what's the final fate of the Warrior Princess?

[Lucy, wearing leathers (no armour) against a snow-covered bank]

LL: (fake british accent a la WW2 POW films) Can't say. You're going to have to watch.

SF: It was worth trying, eh?

LL laughs: They don't tell me. Are you kidding? I only got the final pages last night, which I haven't perused yet, but yeah, it's all a big mystery.

[More from opening credits]

SF: LL came to world-wide fame in 1996 with the screening of the first series of XWP. Next week she'll be unemployed, looking forward to a holiday
and after that, the unknown.

LL: There's a slight feeling of unease about when you're on the precipice of a huge change in your life and you don't know what's coming - there's a
little bit of that. But mostly we're really proud to have been through so much together.

SF: Xena has run for 134 episodes and rolled through 8 million feet of film. PRP has pumped $400 million into the local economy and employed
thousands of kiwis as actors, extras and crew.

[shot of warehouse with props]

SF: At it's peak, PR used 700 people on Xena, Hercules and another production. Today they're down to 250.

Chloe Smith: 250 people are going off from a project which they really enjoyed working on, if I can speak for them. And they're taking with them a
good feeling and a good skill base on to other work.

[Garth Maxwell in living room flicking through photo album of India eps from Season 4 (which we've just seen here)]

SF: Kiwi director GM has directed 12 episodes of Xena, an experience he says can't be matched in terms of big budget and big action.

GM: Lucy had to behead a Roman emperor, but in the background there were 50 people fighting, there were bombs going off, there were horses running
crazily through the action, we were also doing speed manipulation on the choreographed fight which she was doing. It was the biggest thing which
I've ever seen shot.

[more opening credits]

SF: There's a hint of sadness at the end of an era, but there are some things Lucy won't miss.

LL: I think working in skimpy costumes in the rain, through the winter. (chuckles) That's pretty demoralising. It's a very unnatural condition for
the human body to find itself in.

SF: Every buckl, button and boot is being sorted and packed. Xena's costumes will be auctioned and the last shots of the final scenes of the
final episode will roll on to film and into history tomorrow.

[Lucy walks past the camera (looking demurely at it) singing quietly "We're gonna make it afterall", tosses up her hand and gives a little leap.]