TV 1 Transcript March 29 2001

Newsreader Judy Bailey:

It's almost a wrap for the cult show which catapulted Lucy Lawless to international fame. Tomorrow is the last day of filming of XWP. Lisa Owen caught up with the kiwi heroine who's taken centre stage.

Lisa Owen:
Xena WP is resigned to the fact her final battle's being fought.

Lucy Lawless: (in leathers and same locale as the TV 3 interview)
It'll be sad, but umm I'm feeling up to challenge of not doing these hours any more....

[scenes from the major fight in Motherhood - in the barn]

LO: Six years of sword swinging, flinging fireballs and battling evil can take it out of you, even if you are a warrior.

It's pretty hard slog most of the time and the glamour quotient is below 1% (laughs)

LO: Xena is shown in over 100 countries, filmed largely on Auckland's west coast, it's provided thousands of jobs for local film crews - and for some of the show's regulars

[scene from Motherhood with Aphrodite, Hades, Ares, Deimos and Artemis]

it's been, in a word, a trip.

Kevin Smith:
It's great. You get to dress up, wear leather pants, have a sword, you know. When you're a kid, you imagine what being an actor is like - that's pretty much the kind of day you imagine.

Chloe Smith:
I think it's nice to go out on a feeling that you are still creating and achieving good work.

[scenes from opening credits]

While this may be the final curtain for Xena, the series distributors, Studios USA is looking to film another project here.

Unnamed man (an american):
It'll be probably be in the sci-fi arena.

As for the butt-kicking WP, offers are flooding  in, but she's not making any snap decisions.

I'm not ready to commit to something as long-term as another TV show.

So as some of the scenes from the final episode of Xena are filmed on these sets at a secret location, the $64,000 question can only be - what happens?

Only $64,000?? (Edina voice from AbFab) Wouldn't get up in the morning for for that, darling!

And for the darling of a fantasy, today is truly a fantastic one, for it's Lucy Lawless's 33rd birthday.