Tools for Agent Newsreader

Filter import/export utility

Utility to export Agent 3.x and 4.x usenet/email filters to text file, and to import Agent 3.x and 4.x usenet/email filters from text file.

[Version 3.1 for Agent 3 & 4, released 30 December 2007] [Version 3.0 for Agent 3, released 2 February 2006] [Version 2.1 for Agent 1 & 2]

Import/export message file converter

Utility to convert Unix message files between Agent's format and Thunderbird's format. (Also restores any missing Date headers in Agent's saved messages.) When importing or exporting directly does not work, try this utility.

[Version 1.0.1 for Agent 1, 2, 3 & 4, released 4 May 2008]

Agent Folders

Prints a list of Agent folders/newsgroups — together with the corresponding folder/newsgroup UIDs, which give the file names of the 0*.DAT and 0*.IDX files.

[Version 0.9.4, released 4 May 2008]

Duplicate Message Remover

Utility to remove duplicate messages from a message folder. Duplicate messages are identified by having the same message-id.

[Version 1.0.2, released 4 May 2008]

Agent 3 Folder Sort

Agent 3 does not have an option to automatically sort folders into order. Hence this little application. Agent Folder Sort will sort your folders for you into the type of order you want. • Plain alphabetical order, if you wish. • Optionally keep subscribed folders separate. • Optionally keep different types of folders separate. • Sort folders in a single desk, or in all desks at once.

[Version 0.9.4, released 4 May 2008]